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Natural Born Customs was started in 2012, in Cape Town, South Africa.

While others fear being different, I have always been afraid of blending in, and I express this through my style and everything around me. But at that time Cape Town had a severe lack of independent stores and markets where I could find things to express my individuality… so I began customizing my clothes, my sneakers, my furniture, anything and everything… whatever I could transform into my own I did.

My various creations caught people’s attention, and I started receiving several requests from people who wanted me to customize especially for them. Natural Born Customs customizes the beige out of life and turns it into Technicolor. Celebrating everything individual, anti-sheep and one-of-a-kind, Natural Born Customs transforms the ordinary and dull into unique and extraordinary especially for you.I can customize anything you want and make sure that you are the only person on the whole planet that has it.

You see I don’t follow trends, I make them. I customize jackets, bags and high top sneakers, tables, chairs, lampshades, walls, everything, and not the same way everyone else does with just paint, but intricate hand stitching embroidery, trinkets, patches, badges, and treasures I painstakingly search for wherever I am.

Natural Born Customs only make the original and no two things are identical. Some items may be similar but the detail will always be different, and that’s because I painstakingly make each item, and originality is the air I breathe. You can be sure you won’t bump into someone wearing the exact same thing.